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YPDR Month #1

Fellow YPDR co-founder showing off our operations – I missed the limelight, was up in DPRK for New Year’s, but now back in the Philippines.

The YPDR team has been on Bantayan Island for 28 days doing what most said was impossible. We have shown ourselves and the world a new way of responding to a crisis like this. Our methods and work ethic have not gone unnoticed. I am pleased to announce that as of to day YPDR has been asked to partner with one of the largest NGOs in the world. They will provide large scale funding, equipment, supplies, personal and resources to our team. We will systematically rebuild new schools, homes, a much needed waste management program, and public latrines while rebuilding an economy focused on ecotourism.

This has been one of the the proudest moments of my life. I want to thank the entire YPDR team, including our donors and people back home raising awareness of what we are doing.

Now we get to help rebuild and island and the lives of 150,000 of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of working for!!!!!

As I now work in a Philippines disaster zone with limited internet, I will be stepping back from my DPRK activities. Please direct all inquiries to



Young Pioneer Tours Disaster Response Team – Day 1


15 volunteers for Young Pioneer Tours’ Typhoon Yolanda Bantayan Island disaster response project are currently in Manila, staging supplies, and preparing to board the overnight ferry to Cebu.

Yesterday we bought a generator and brought military solar panels through Manila airport customs. In Cebu we have 75 volunteers traveling to our base on Bantayan Island to camp out and work on our project goal to rebuild 5 schools and get kids back into classrooms after Christmas.

We have raised over 15,000 USD and need to keep the money rolling in! Donations to our 2nd fundraising campaign can be made at the following link:

I will be blogging the project on a daily basis and sharing photos here; being a blog primarily based on North Korea I hope people don’t mind.

YPT Typhoon Yolanda Relief – Indiegogo

Please support our Indiegogo fundraising for Philippines disaster relief. We are looking at increasing our project to two months on the ground.