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Back to Work at Sea

I try to post something new and original on a daily basis here at the American in North Korea blog, but my four month vacation is over and I will be intensely busy with my normal job until I get set into my new routine – working as a Chief Mate on an ocean going ship.

North Korean Fisheries

To celebrate getting back to work (it’s my birthday today too – 36 years if you must know) I have posted the above photo, a Korean peninsular map – with Pyongyang indicated by a star, that shows the various ocean species and fisheries found in the Korean region.  I found this map in a small museum at the Wonsan Songdowon Children’s Camp – many more pics from there to come.

Post 101

Is this really post 101?

At An American in North Korea I have tried to post something new and original on a daily basis. For the most part I have succeeded – but damn have I been busy lately!  My ship is coming out of dry dock and I have been run ragged getting her cleaned up and ready for sea again.

Unfortunately I am also starting to run out of original material and photos to post. But  don’t worry!  I still have some ideas for when things quiet down and there is a Spring trip to the DPRK being planned!

Taedong River Traffic North Korea

Posting a picture of the North Korean maritime industry as a reminder that no matter how crazy and busy things get on my ship I always have something to be thankful for!

North Korean River Traffic

We made arrival in Durban, South Africa this morning after three weeks spent studying the Agulhas Current. I expect to be busy for the next few weeks as our ship goes to half crew and prepares for a shipyard and dry docking period, but I will continue to try to get at least something up daily – look for an original picture with a little commentary at a minimum.

In honor of our arrival from a three week voyage, I’m posting a selection of photos of the North Korean maritime industry on the Taedong River – all taken from out of my window at the Yanggakdo Hotel.

Boat and river dredge operations on the Taedong River, DPRK, North Korea.

Taedong River Traffic, Pyongyang

North Korean River Dredge

North Korean River Dredge

North Korean River Dredge