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Safely Returned From The Rason SEZ, North Korea

Kindergarten Tank Rason SEZ, North Korea

On a tank statue at the Rason kindergarten.

I just returned to Yanji, China from yet another epic trip to North Korea. Keep an eye on my Instagram over the next few days for the latest pics from this trip. Tomorrow I have an overnight train to Beijing and return to Pyongyang to guide a 9 day fishing trip starting May 13th.

Back from the Extreme Northeast of North Korea

Chongjin, North Korea

Girls on roller skates in Chongjin City, North Korea. Get a sneak peak of my most recent trip via my latest uploads to Instagram.

I’m safely back in China after an amazing week in the rarely visited Northeast region of the DPRK. Of all my trips to North Korea this has been my favorite. Our locally based guides of the Chilbo San Tourism Company were full of enthusiasm and provided us access to sites and experiences which are inaccessible if coming up to the region with the Pyongyang based KITC company.

We were the first western tour group to cross the Tumen/Namyang border on a route to Chongjin only traveled by NGOs and Chinese tourists in the past. Our ride to Chongjin took us on secondary mountain roads never traveled by any westerners before when we found our route blocked by an overturned truck and were forced to make a 7 hour detour – this was not a typical DPRK tour.

During the course of the trip we hiked a mountain peak in a snowstorm, taught kids American football in a small random village (we were forced to stop due to a washed out road), played with locals in volleyball matches, visited a middle school never visited by any tourist before and taught English in the foreign language class, and had a ride on a fishing boat in the Eastern Sea of Korea – I even won a North Korean traditional wrestling tournament at the Mt. Chilbo Home Stay.

I’m going to be resting up for a few days in Yanji and Beijing before I turn around and head back into DPRK to lead a tour to the Rason Special Economic Zone.

New Instagram Pics

Pyongyang Traffic Girl

Pyongyang traffic girl via Instagram.

For a quick look at my latest pics check out my Instagram feed.

Update: I’m here with CNN going on video in a few minutes.

American in North Korea on Instagram

I started playing with my photos on Instagram – you can follow me @josephferrisiii

Below are some of my favorite pics:

Spy Ship Pueblo North Korea Via Instagram

US spy ship Pueblo guide.

Pyongyang, North Korea Via Instagram

View of Pyongyang and Juche Tower.

Rural North Korea Via Instagram

Walking home in rural North Korea.

Pyongyang, North Korea Via Instagram

Kim Il-sung Square Pyongyang.

North Korean Mass Dancing Via Instagram

Mass dance held in Pyongyang.

Pyongyang Metro Via Instagram

Pyongyang subway signal girl.

Wonson Smile North Korea Via Instagram

Smile and peace sign in Wonsan, North Korea.