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Pyongyang Cell Phone Revolution

Pyongyang Cell Phone Revolution

Woman in revolutionary outfit on a cell phone at Mansu Hill, Pyongyang – Photo by Joseph A Ferris III

Communications Tech and a Smile

Kaesong Waitress

Cell phones in North Korea remain popular as ever; our waitress at the Kaesong Folk Hotel bar receives a wireless call.

Kaesong Waitress

Land lines still exist, are used, and give the moment captured a classic retro feel.

Kaesong Waitress North Korea

With her calls finished, and in between serving us traditional blueberry liqueur, our waitress poses for a classic portrait shot.

North Korean Intranet

North Korean Intranet

Intranet computer room at the Nampo Chollima Steelworks, North Korea – photo by Joseph A Ferris

I was looking for this pic during the week when the Google visit went viral; found it in one of my Facebook North Korean albums – I drive myself crazy sometimes!