Paradise Bar and Microbrewery

For my April 2013 trip I’m bringing in a group of beer aficionados; top of their request list is for a visit to the Pyongyang Paradise Bar and Microbrewery.

Paradise Microbrewery Pyongyang

The beer is cheap and tasty, if sometimes off color, and the facility is atmospheric and relaxing. Just don’t expect to hang with locals here; this may be a haunt for the North Korean elite but only expect to get a quick glimpse as they make their way to one of the brewery’s private rooms.

Paradise Microbrewery Pyongyang

Pyongyang Paradise Department Store

The bar and brewery is located on the top floor of the foreign currency Paradise Department Store. A visit here to check out the goods and stock up on some beer snacks before going up to drink is often possible. Above our North Korean guide Ms. Han walks the aisles.

Photos by Joseph A Ferris III

Pyongyang Paradise Department Store

Paradise Department Store Pyongyang North Korea

North Korean guide Ms. Han at the Paradise Department Store in Pyongyang, North Korea. This is a hard currency store with many “luxury” goods available to those with cash – foreigners are allowed to shop there too . The top floor is home to the Paradise Microbrewery, an actual brew pub with decent draft beer on tap!