Cell Phone

Pyongyang Cell Phone Revolution

Pyongyang Cell Phone Revolution

Woman in revolutionary outfit on a cell phone at Mansu Hill, Pyongyang – Photo by Joseph A Ferris III

Communications Tech and a Smile

Kaesong Waitress

Cell phones in North Korea remain popular as ever; our waitress at the Kaesong Folk Hotel bar receives a wireless call.

Kaesong Waitress

Land lines still exist, are used, and give the moment captured a classic retro feel.

Kaesong Waitress North Korea

With her calls finished, and in between serving us traditional blueberry liqueur, our waitress poses for a classic portrait shot.

Young Pioneer Tours Exclusive

Exclusive news and ground breaking experiences brought to you by the company I now guide for, Young Pioneer Tours:

YPT’s Richie Fenner just returned from our first trip of the year to the DPRK, with our group being the first foreign tourists to visit the Mausoleum since it’s reopening featuring General Kim Jong Il! We can also now announce that even more interestingly, foreigners can now bring cellphones, including smart phones into the country!

Young Pioneer Tours teamed up with NK News to break these stories, read about the change in cell phone policy here, and Richie’s visit to see Kim Jong-il here.

You can also read more on these developments over at Young Pioneer Tour’s blog.

Cell Call Pyongyang Traffic Girl

Cell phones in North Korea, not just for traffic girls anymore!


North Korean Cell Phone Revolution

Cell phones may have arrived in North Korea, but apparently public service announcements teaching the dangers of texting and driving haven’t.

Hamhung City Square, DPRK, North Korea

Hamhung, North Korea – photo by Joseph A Ferris III

Sneaking a Cell Call

Cell Call Pyongyang Traffic Girl

Cell phones are all the rage in Pyongyang, North Korea this year (we hardly saw any during our Aug. 2011 trip) – here a traffic girl sneaks a call from behind a tree – photo by Joseph A Ferris III