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Back From The First Ever North Korean Fishing Trip


Fishing on the Taedong River, Pyongyang, North Korea.

I just returned from guiding the first ever North Korean fishing trip tour. Our small group fished in both the East and West Korean Seas, but we had our best luck at the beautiful Sijung Lagoon. Both the driver and I landed several golden carps which the Sijung Lagoon Hotel staff served as sashimi for us.


Fishing with our driver at Sijung Lagoon.

North Koreans love to fish and our guides were wildly enthusiastic about this trip. Young Pioneer Tours is already looking at offering it again this fall – this is one not too miss!

I already have many of the pics from the trip up on my Instagram. For the fishing specific pics please check out Young Pioneer Tours Facebook page.

Back to North Korea For Fishing

Pyongyang BBQ Girls

Hanging out with the Pyongyang lamb BBQ girls.

Im off to Pyongyang tomorrow to lead a Young Pioneer Tours group on the first ever North Korean fishing trip. This will be my last DPRK trip of the season – wish us good weather, good photography, and hungry fish!

I’m back to the ship June 8th, hopefully then I can settle down and get caught up on all the photos and blogging. My next vacation will be in the fall. I already have some ideas for Oct. DPRK trips, if interested plus send me an email.

Exciting New North Korean Fishing Trip

North Korean Art

A painting of North Korean fisherman, Pyongyang Mansudae Art Studio, North Korea.

The managing director and owner of Young Pioneer Tours and myself are teaming up to guide the first ever North Korean fishing trip!

The details are still being worked out but the highlights will include:

Fishing on the banks of the Taedong River
Fishing on a boat in the Taedong river
Fishing in the Sijung Lagoon
BBQ Seafood lunch on Wonsan beach
Fishing in East Sea from Jangdok Island
BBQ clams on the Wonsan pier
Visit Pyongyang’s New Dolphinarium
Afternoon of Golf

In addition to knocking back a few beers and fishing with North Korean old timers, we will be visiting the classic Pyongyang, Kaesong, and Wonsan sites, including a visit to the the Mausoleum for a viewing of Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung.

Be part of something never done before, but we need interest to make it happen!

We are looking to make this a two part trip:

Option A: fishing trip to the Rason Special Economic Zone, May 8th – 11th -more info on this trip to come!

Option B: fishing trip to Pyongyang, Wonsan, and Kaesong – May 13th-22nd – Cost €1245 8 days in Korea + 2 on the train + 50 to fly out.

Leave a comment or email me at for more info!

Wonsan Boat North Korea

Fishing boat, Wonsan, North Korea.

Wonsan Docks North Korea

Boys fishing off the docks, Wonsan, North Korea.

Boys Fishing Wonsan, North Korea

Boys fishing off the docks , Wonsan, North Korea.

All photos by Joseph A Ferris III

Local Fisherman in Wonsan, North Korea

In the tidal shallows outside the tourist hotel in the North Korean east coast city of Wonsan, local fisherman search out the ocean’s bounty – photos by Joseph A Ferris III

Wonson Fisherman DPRK, North Korea

Wonson Fisherman DPRK, North Korea

Wonson Fisherman DPRK, North Korea

Wonson Fisherman DPRK, North Korea

Wonson Fisherman DPRK, North Korea