Rason Business Interest Tour

Rason, North Korea

Development under the watchful eyes of a Kim mosaic in Rason, North Korea.

Join me for the September 22nd – September 27th Rason Business Interest Tour.

The 3 night, 4 day trip has us visiting many of the major joint-venture and foreign owned companies in the area as well as most importantly meeting people involved with the foreign affairs and investment departments in the area to explore opportunities in the region as well as the logistics of doing business here.

Whilst we will be visiting tourist attractions whilst here the trip will primarily be based around doing business, and as such we will only be accepting bookings from people looking to do business here.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet the people that matter, set up further appointments, and begin what can be a long process of doing business in the DPRK.

The trip starts and finishes in Beijing/Yanji, with us doing a Rason Business presentation at the wonderful LiuJing Hotel, Yanji on the evening prior to departure.

4 nights, 5 days • €695 (650 meet in Yanji) • (Beijing – Yanji – Rason – Yanji. (3 nights, 4 days in Rason, 1 night, 2 days in China)

This trip is capped at 6 people, three more spaces available, and time to sign up is limited.

Full itinerary can be found here.

Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair

Last spring I had a chance to visit the 16th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair held at the Three Revolutionary Ideas Exhibition. Entrance was 5 Euros and not everybody in my tour group wanted to visit. Those who didn’t enter got to mingle with locals and eat barbeque pork at an outside food court, but those of us who did visit were treated to an amazing look at North Korean technology and the country’s emerging marketplace.


Luxury  Tissot watch booth.  Other luxury Swiss items can be found at a shop at the Yanggakdo Hotel.


North Korean Samjiyon Tablet – are their tablets and new smart phones really made in North Korea?

North Korean Tablet

This photo is credited as being the first to confirm the existence of the larger size Samjiyon Tablet.

Pyongyang Spring Business Expo

Flat screen TVs showing the Moranbong Band.

Pyongyang Spring Business Expo

Panasonic in Pyongyang.

Pyongyang Spring Business Expo

Washers, dryers, and refrigerators.

Pyongyang Spring Business Expo

Young woman in revolutionary outfit using North Korean currency at the trade fair.

Want to learn more about business opportunities in the DPRK ?  Gareth Johnson, Young Pioneer Tours founder, and I will be heading up to the Rason Special Economic Zone for 3 days of business meetings on Sept 24th.  This is not a tourist trip, but for those with serious business interests there is still time to join up.  Please email me at:  – full itinerary and price to be published shortly.

Rason Special Economic Zone Shoe Factory

The Rason shoe factory is one of the various light industry sites open to tourists in the North Korean Special Economic Zone. Unlike the bustling Rason textile factory, the shoe factory was only running at half capacity on my visit. Factory officials embarrassingly explained that output was down due to sanctions – although that seemed a dubious excuse after having witnessed the busy textile factory production floors. But then again, I’m not an expert on sanctions, and keeping North Korean high heels off the international market might truly be part of American strategy to force regime change.

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Rason Shoe Factory North Korea

Photos by Joseph A Ferris III

North Korean Intranet

Google’s Eric Schmidt arrives in North Korea. This is the “internet” he’ll find there….

What he will actually find is a North Korean nation-wide intranet

North Korean Intranet

Computer room at the Nampo Chollima Steelworks.

Grand People’s Study House

Writer Neil Strauss is shown how the North Korean closed intranet works at the Grand People’s Study House.

Photos by Joseph A Ferris III

Vehicle Billboard Advertisements

North Korea Auto Advertisement

North Korean Capitalism or Propaganda?  Original post here.

Article Analysis at The North Korea Blog

My good friends over at The North Korea Blog have been busy analyzing some recent articles about North Korea put out by the main stream media.  Like myself, these guys have also visited the DPRK and have valuable insights to share.

Hamhung, DPRK, North Korea

Going Green in North Korea
Gabriel Mizrahi examines the Prague Post’s article: Czech consultant launches in North Korea.

Pedal power on the streets of Hamhung,  North Korea – photo by Joseph A Ferris III

Wonsan - Hamhung Countryside North Korea

A Kink in the Armor – Joshua Spodek analyzes the Wall Street Journal’s report: Luxuries Flow Into North Korea.

State authorized cottage industry in the Hamhung region – photo by Joseph A Ferris III

Czech Consultant Sees Opportunity in DPRK – Launches Carbon-credit Business in North Korea

An interesting article about conducting an environmental business project in the DPRK:

The secretive nation of North Korea isn’t the most obvious place to launch an environmental business project, but for the past two years, businessman Miroslav Blažek has traveled frequently to the Stalinist state to help develop an ambitious carbon-credit trading venture……

Hamhung Countryside Smokestack, North Korea

Gigantic smokestack and coal piles in the countryside near Wonsan
and Hamhung – photo by Joseph A Ferris III