Young Pioneer Disaster Response

New Blog – Cha Cha Bantayan


I have moved on from my activities in North Korea and founded an NGO in response to Typhoon Yolanda on Bantayan Island, Philippians. Please follow my new blog Cha Cha Bantayan and stay updated on Young Pioneer Disaster Response and our work to build back better !

Pharrell Williams – Happy, YPDR Typhoon Haiyan

The YPDR effort in the Philippines continues, we recently received our official non-profit status and are finalizing some BIG contracts to continue our work building houses and repairing schools on Bantayan Island.

The people of Bantayan Island are happy but they still need your help. Support Young Pioneer Disaster Response in building storm-strengthened shelters, rehabilitating schools, repairing water and sanitation facilities, and providing hygiene education, community outreach, joint medical missions and emergency response programs.

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Send donations to:

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA (802)
Westport Main St. Branch 468 Westport, CT 06880
ABA# 021 100 361
A/C# 573 659 161
Account Name: YPDR America Inc.
Ref: [ Donor’s Name]