Ostrich Farm

North Korean Ostrich Farm

North Korean Ostrich Farm

Built on the heels of a 1990s famine, the ostrich farm was a bold, expensive investment that the state hoped would help feed its people and provide goods to export. Years later, ostrich meat is the specialty at some of Pyongyang’s finest restaurants, but appears out of the reach of millions of hungry North Koreans.

Welcome to the North Korean ostrich farm – the latest and greatest tourist attraction to be opened up for foreign visitors to the DPRK.

North Korea Ostrich Farm

North Korea Ostrich Farm

Ostrich, it’s whats for dinner…….in North Korea.

North Korean Ostrich Farm Guide

North Korean Ostrich Farm Guide

Our local guide explains the wonders of North Korean ostrich husbandry.

North Korean Ostrich Farm Cameraman

“who is that?” we asked

“the cameraman” the guide answered

well yes, obviously, “but why has a cameraman been following us?”

“because we are very proud you have come to visit our ostrich farm! This footage will be archived in our museum and shown on national news.”

Jordan Harbinger, North Korean Ostrich Sausage Packer

Jordan Harbinger dons the proper attire for a tour of the ostrich product showcase.

Neil Strauss Examines North Korean Ostrich Sausage

Neil Strauss is a famous ostrich sausage connoisseur!

Everyone Loves North Korean Ostrich Sausage

Some girls just cant get enough ostrich sausage!

Everyone Loves North Korean Ostrich Sausage

North Korean ostrich sausage, need I say more?