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Rare North Korean Passport Stamp

North Korean Stamps in American Passport

Extremely rare North Korean stamps in my passport. Americans, as well as most tourists, get their stamps on an external visa which they don’t get to keep. This is for the land crossing at Namyang\Tumen border and may be a first ever event.

North Korean Gift Giveaway Contest!

I calculate having traveled to 95 countries (I used higher standards on the count than the Century Club accepts its members by).

I expect to visit my 100th country at some point this year; I have no idea what country it will be, but whoever is the first to make the correct guess by leaving a comment on this post will win a North Korean stamp book and other prizes from the DPRK.

Good luck!

DPRK Kim Jong-il Stamp

Make a guess and win a book of stamps like the one above!