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Laughter, Blogging and North Korea

The day I became a blogger: Gabriel Mizrahi’s observations on North Korea, humor, blogging, and his recent Huffington Post article.

Ultimate Frisbee North Korea

Laughter in North Korea photo by Joseph A Ferris III

The Arirang Festival Mass Games

By Contributing Writer Gabriel Mizrahi

Imagine the sight of one-hundred thousand humans executing the world’s most impeccable live performance.  This is the Arirang Festival, also known as the Mass Games, dubbed the greatest acrobatic spectacle on earth.

Sexy Soldiers Arirang Mass Games - North Korea

Arirang Mass Games – photo by Joseph Ferris

To the haunting chants of Korean folk music, an orgy of color and music explodes on the field.  Baton-wielding military jackets parade in honor of the Dear Leader.  Tiny gymnasts in blue uniforms uniforms flip and twirl with cautious grace. Tae Kwon Do athletes perform a complex series of kicks and punches.  In the other half of the stadium seats, 20,000 students manipulate colored flipboards that magically shape-shift into pictures of the mythical countryside and portraits of the Great Leader in mind-blowing detail.  All the while, the haunting tones of “Arirang” echo in the May Day Stadium, telling the story of a Romeo and Juliet tragedy that doubles as an allegory for the separation of North and South Korea…………Continue reading Arirang Festival Mass Games at The North Korea Blog