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Wonsan Docks

Wonson Docks, North Korea

Wonsan Docks, North Korea – photo by Joseph A Ferris III

In Wonsan, the North Korean East Coast port city, we were allowed about an hour to walk and enjoy the local scene at the city docks and main square.  My friends quickly started a frenzy with the Frisbee on the docks while I took pictures all along the waterfront and in the main square.  We captivated the locals and created quite a stir with children chasing us on roller blades and soldiers asking for pictures, but apparently the fun was too much for some people and government big wigs, who were not amused by the scene, quickly dispersed the crowds and sent us on our way (back on the bus).

More pics below from the Wonsan Docks and Main Square.

Wonson Docks, North Korea

Frisbee at the Wonson Docks North Korea

Frisbee at the Wonson Docks North Korea

Wonson Town Square North Korea

Frisbee Diplomacy in North Korea – Picture Post #1

A series of photos from our day of Frisbee diplomacy in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Ultimate Frisbee North Korea