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How to travel to North Korea

Do any of posts and pictures make you want to plan your own trip to North Korea?  Its not for everybody, but its a strange and unique travel and cultural experience unlike any other in the world.  Get there now before it changes – it could open further or could suddenly close, who knows.  Setting up a trip to the DPRK is actually quite easy, you will need a double entry Chinese visa and to get yourself to Beijing to make the orientation brief, from there my friends at Koryo Tours will do all the rest – make sure to ask for Hannah!

There is some fine print involved:  Professional journalists and photographers will need to sign an agreement to not publish unauthorized news stories about the DPRK – posting to Flickr, Facebook, and to blogs by normal people is fine as long as they don’t go overboard with criticism.  Americans can easily arrange a tour to North Kora at all times of the year but we are restricted to a stay of just 7days/6nights, and while other nationalities normally fly in and depart by train, we are required to fly both in and out.

North Korean Guide

The lovely Jr. guide Miss Choe would love to show you her country.