Antarctica Cruise

We just had some spaces open up on our first ever Antactica Cruise:

December 12 – December 21 2013
Price: 3225 Euros

For the first time ever, YPT are taking groups to the Antarctic aboard the m/v Ortelius .We’ve teamed up with OceanWide Expeditions and managed to get an excellent discount (over €1000!), just for those who book with YPT. See humpback whales in their natural habitat, and be one of the privileged few who can say they’ve visited the beautiful continent of Antartica. The amazing YPT price includes all meals and snacks, so all you’ll need to take is a camera, and a sense of adventure. You’ll also get an opportunity to hear talks by noted naturalists (free of charge) to guarantee you the best experience possible.

Contact me for details on further discounts!

Revelle Near The Ice

Photo of my ship by an Antarctic iceberg on one of my many professional science expeditions to Antarctica.

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