Mt. Chibo Homestay

An overnight at the Mt. Chibo Homestay is a highlight of any trip to the remote North East of North Korea. On a pristine beach with the Chilbo mountains soaring behind, the home stay affords visitors unique interactions with locals, and ample leisure time to enjoy activities like village volleyball tournaments, traditional Korean wrestling, beach side campfires with sing-alongs, and traditional fishing boat rides.

Mt Chilbo Home Stay

Is the Mt. Chilbo Homestay a Potemkin Village? Read my interview with NK News to learn more, or better yet, visit North Korea’s remote Northeast and decide for yourself!

More pics from the Mt. Chilbo Homestay below:

Mt. Chilbo Homestay

Homestay map.

Mt. Chilbo Home Stay

Tour of the homes; typical living room.

Mt. Chilbo Volleyball Cheerleaders

Volleyball cheerleaders.

Volleyball Cheerleaders at Mt. Chilbo Home Stay

Girl at Mt. Chilbo Home Stay

Mt. Chilbo Boating North Korea

Fishing boat ride on the East Korean Sea.

Mt. Chilbo Fishing Boat

Mt. Chilbo Home Stay Camp Fire

Campfire with locals.

Mt. Chilbo, North Korea Home Stay

Mt. Chilbo Home Stay Songs and Camp Fire


I won the traditional Korean wrestling tournament!

Photos by Joseph A Ferris III

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