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New Instagram Pics

Pyongyang Traffic Girl

Pyongyang traffic girl via Instagram.

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Update: I’m here with CNN going on video in a few minutes.

Back From North Korea

DMZ North Korea

A North Korean Army Captain and myself three days ago on the North Korean side of the DMZ at Panmunjeom.

I just returned from North Korea on another amazing trip! I understand the world is freaking out, but from what I witnessed I believe war is NOT imminent. We saw the army planting trees and building houses, while the people of Pyongyang were busy overhauling the city sidewalks.

The Kim Il-sung birthday holiday season is coming up and I expect the bellicose rhetoric to soon ease – hopefully the American media can restrain its warmongering too.

Our guides were fantastic, food was great, but photography was difficult on this trip – don’t worry I still got a ton of fantastic pics with tons of content to come.

Update: I will be going on CNN in two hours – things are going crazy.