March 30th – April 6th North Korea Trip


Come see the Ryugyong “Hotel of Doom” –  Photo by Joseph A Ferris III

I will be going to North Korea in just 6 weeks!

Be assured that for the tourism industry it’s still business as usual – the boss at Young Pioneer Tours, who is entering the DPRK today, says:

It has just been reported that seismic activity has been reported in the area where the previous test happened, thus suggesting a third nuclear test from the DPRK.

Apparently it was a 4.9 magnitude test, and whilst there has been no official response from the DPRK, it sounds like it was a success.

This will not affect our upcoming Kim Jong Il Birthday Tour, which far from being cancelled will have us in the country during what will obvioulsy be a very interesting time.

And whilst these incidents always bring talk of sanctions, or strained relations with other countries, it is our experience that it does not, and should not affect the tourist industry, with our 2013 program going ahead as planned.

I had a fully booked trip but this nuke test caused a few people to drop out – there is still time for those brave enough to join me!

March 30th – April 6th: Pyongyang, Nampo, Sariwan, Kaesong, and Mt. Myohyang – 1395 Euro.

We have two weeks until the deadline for the visa applications – serious inquires only.

I have posted the full itinerary for this trip in the comments.

2 responses

  1. Itinerary :

    March 30 – April 6 DPRK itinerary
    Everyone meet Beijing Friday night, march 29th, trip brief, and receive visa and flights.

    March 30: Sat. PM arrival, Arch of Triumph, Fountain Park and pay respects at
    Kim Il-sung/Kim Jong-il statues, dinner Yanggakdo Hotel.

    March 31 Sun. Pyongyang tour: AM, Martyrs Cemetery, Kumsusan Mausoleum, Taedong River side walk and river boat BBQ lunch- no boat ride.
    PM, Kim Il-sung square, Viennese coffee shop and walk to book store. Juche Tower and Party Foundation Monument. City Bowling Lanes. Paradise shopping center and Micro Brew, pizza restaurant, Fun Fair.

    April 1 Mon. AM subway ride, Souvenir shop at Arch of Triumph, embroidery institute, unicorn Lair? Drive to Nampo, Co-op farm, picnic box lunch? Taedonggan combined fruit farm and processing factory, Sea barrage, Water Bottling Plant, Taekwondo School (donation asked). Hot spring hotel – petrol clam bake – small charge.

    April 2 Tue. AM – Mt Kuwol, Sinchon Tower, Atrocities museum, Sariwan folk village, return Pyongyang, lunch at Hana Electronics JVC, PM Pyongyang Gun Range, Mansanuade children’s palace, cold noodles restaurant, Foreign Club for drinks – Koryo Hotel.

    April 3 Wed. AM drive to Kaesong, Highway Unification Monument, DMZ, Concrete Observation wall, lunch, Kaesong Kim Il-sung Statue, old town walk, stamp store. Kaesong children’s palace -Overnight folk village inn – 5 euro for dog soup with dinner.

    April 4 Thur. early AM to Mt Myohyang, Ostrich Farm, Caves, Friendship Exhibition Halls, a walk in Hyangsan town. Overnight Mt Myohyang in budget hotel.

    April 5 Fri. early AM to Pyongyang, Kim Il-sung University Museum, Jonsong Revolutionary Site, Lunch with the dancing BBQ girls, Railway Museum. New Folklore Village with soju drinks at historical restaurant. Taedonggang Brewery Bar, BBQ duck dinner going away party. Yanggakdo Hotel.

    April 6 departures

    February 14, 2013 at 4:26 am

  2. James

    I’ve never been a fan of the petrol clam bake!

    February 14, 2013 at 3:31 pm

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