Pyongyang Gun Range

Need someplace to get your gun range fix once President Obama takes away your firearms? Why not consider a trip to the Pyongyang gun range?

Guns, Girls, and Beer in North Korea

An afternoon spent at the Pyongyang gun range is my favorite activity in North Korea.  Here you can target practice using pistols and sport rifles, enjoy a few beers at the bar or over a game of pool, flirt with the cute North Korean rifle attendants, and even test your skills against live targets!

Pyongyang Gun Range Prize

For 5 € a shot you can take a crack at pheasants.  You get to bring home what you kill, but it’s highly suggested you give the bird to your bus driver as a tip.

Most companies running trips to North Korea don’t include a visit to the gun range on their itineraries – it’s included on all of my custom trips, as well as most scheduled trips with Young Pioneer Tours.

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I’m still looking for people to join up with my May 14th – May 23rd Mega Trip: Nampo, Sariwan, Haeju, Kaesong, Wonsan, Kumgang.

The more people who sign up the better deal I can give!

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