The Wonderful Contradictions of North Korea

Gabriel Mizrahi of The North Korean Blog offers up the following Wonderful Contradictions of North Korea:

North Korea is a place of deep contradictions.

It confirms our worst fears with its nuclear belligerence, only to reveal its romantic folkloric past.

It confirms a taste for criminal delights – then seduces us with its unexpected charms.

Functioning cities are just a short bus ride from unimaginable prison camps. Those prison camps are only miles from the beautiful sights of Korean mythology, which tell of magical birthplaces and undead leaders who still rule.

These paradoxes make North Korea what it is. Here we present the wonderful contradictions of North Korea….

My favorite contradiction from the post:

North Koreans are generally kind, modest, humble people.

On the Streets of Pyongyang, DPRK

But they sure know how to party. It’s a huge part of the culture.

East meet West

Top photo by Joseph A Ferris III, 2nd photo by Andrew Lombardi.

Many more of my photos are used in the post – make sure to check it out in its entirety!

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