Spring 2013 DPRK Trip in the Works

Mangyongdae Children's Palace North Korea

Enough about Iran, lets go back to the DPRK – 2013 May trip being planned!

I’m planning on guiding a spring 2013 DPRK tour with spots currently available! This could become a very interesting trip if a project I’m in collaboration with gets approved – we might bring along someone who would be filming documentary footage – it seems that the fact that an American guide running custom private trips in the DPRK makes for an interesting story.

I was hoping to schedule the trip for one of the spring DPRK holidays but it looks like I will be occupied during those times, I’m joining up with a special private group to explore newly opened routes in the remote Northeast and will be the first American to cross the land border from China into the DPRK at the Tumen crossing.

But there is a certain advantage to skipping the holidays, the DPRK gets crowded with tourists at those times (believe it or not) and there can be some disappointment when expectations for promised events, transportation, and lodging aren’t met.

So instead of the crazy late April holiday season I’m looking at a leisurely 6 day trip in early May. Perhaps we will be the only western tourists there, the county will be ours and I can guarantee we will be provided with my pick of the very best North Korean guides. The trip I’m sketching out would include all the classic Pyongyang sites and nightlife, along with a visit to the DMZ and overnight in Kaesong, and a visit to the west coast industrial sites and an overnight at the Nampo Hot Spring Hotel.

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