Bagging Your Own Breakfast – The Pyongyang Gun Range Pheasant Shoot

Dubbing the experience guns, girls, and beer, last summer’s visit to the Pyongyang gun range was one of my favorite experiences of the trip.  Having had so much fun there last year I made it a point to include another visit when I wrote out the custom itinerary for my 2012 return to the DPRK – most standard North Korean tourist itineraries don’t include the gun range.

Our visit was approved but this year the girls were prepared for us and remembered our tricks – no photos hugging the girls, beer in one hand and rifle in the other, while in the shooting area!  But that was OK, we had other tricks up our sleeves!  At 5 euros a round visitors are allowed to take a shots at live birds in a pen at the far end of the gun range.  Nobody tried during last years visit, the pen was only stocked with one skinny chicken, but this year the pen was well stocked with plump pheasants, and to temp us further a North Korean man shot and bagged one before our eyes.  I wasn’t the first in our group to bag a pheasant, one of the guys hit one on his first shot and made a gift of the bird to our bus driver – the driver was thrilled.  After getting a few drinks in me I purchased a 5 euro round for my lucky shot into the pheasant pen, then a 2nd, and a third round – eventually I bagged one!

Pyongyang Gun Range Prize

North Korean gun range attendant with my pheasant.

Pyongyang, North Korea Gun Range

Me and my pheasant at the Pyongyang gun range.

North Korean Pheasant Soup

So you got drunk and shot a pheasant at Pyongyang gun range – now what?  Bring the dead bird to the dining hall of your Pyongyang hotel restaurant, pull it out in front of a bunch of horrified western tourists while they eat their dinners, and pass it over to a North Korean waitress – she wont even bat an eye but only ask for instructions on how you want your bird soup prepared for the next morning’s breakfast.  Photo above – my pheasant being dished out for breakfast.

Pyongyang, North Korea Gun Range

Me and my prize at the Pyongyang gun range.

Pyongyang Gun Range

Me and my pheasant at the Pyongyang gun range.

Pyongyang, North Korea Gun Range

A North Korean man returning with his prize.

Pyongyang, North Korea Gun Range

Walking out with the gun range attendant to get my bird.

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  3. Lucy Smith

    not exactly sportsmanlike shooting birds trapped in a pen

    May 15, 2013 at 4:20 am

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